The San Francisco Giants didn’t have a winning season and didn’t make the playoffs, but at least someone is utilizing their field in October. E! is reporting that Kanye West proposed to Kim Kardashian on Monday night at AT&T Park. Despite there being no San Francisco Giants game, Kanye still used the JumboTron to make his proposal.


The proposal was made in front of the friendly hometown crowd composed of family and friends. Kanye played Lana Del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful,” Kim’s favorite song, followed by of course a Kanye song, “Knock.” Kim was presented with a giant 15-carat diamond ring and after she said, “Yes” fireworks and Roman candles exploded into the night sky. The engagement was made on Kim’s 33rd birthday and comes four months after their daughter North was born and only 18 months after the couple started dating. I think he stole the idea from Adam Sandler in his dinner at Madison Square Garden with Winona Ryder in “Mr. Deeds.” Now is this a great moment in AT&T Park’s history or is it the most vile thing that’s happened there?