Afternoon games, anyone?

CLE @ GB: Cleveland offensive coordinator Norv Turner isn’t phased after an early interception by the Packers: Norv Turner Doesn't Care

SF @ TEN: Anquan Boldin made this incredible one-handed grab in Tennessee: Boldin One Handed Catch

BAL @ PIT: Derek Moye got flipped but held on for the catch against the Ravens: Derek Moye

HOU @ KC: Texans’ head coach Gary Kubiak thinks he smells fertilizer: Kubiak Fertilizer

HOU @ KC: Dwayne Bowe flips for this catch: bowe

HOU @ KC: The Texans bit on the read option…to NO ONE! Watch Alex Smith’s fake handoff: Chiefs Option To No One

SF @ TEN: 49ers linebacker Dan Skuta made this gesture: 49ers are inappropriate

BAL @ PIT: Troy Polamalu was juuuuust a bit offsides on this extra point attempt: Polamalu is a bit offsides

HOU @ KC: The Texans found a way to blow it against the Chiefs: Houston Blows It