Patriots 30- Saints 27

America’s Game of the Week lived up to its name as the Patriots stunned the Saints with a touchdown from Tom Brady to Kenbrell Thompkins with five seconds left. Some of the fans actually left for the exits with time on the clock and Tom Brady with a sliver of hope to win the game. That is unthinkable, the whole reason you pay to see a player like Tom Brady is the hope that you can witness something epic in person, and you cannot make an amazing comeback unless you are down. Leaving a game early while Brady still has a chance to win it is like walking out on a movie about a mentally challenged AIDS patient stuck alone on an island starring Tom Hanks because you there is a chance he might not win the Oscar.

Bengals 27- Bills 24 OT

The Cincinnati Bengals beat the Bills in overtime behind a three touchdown performance from Andy Dalton. On the other side of the ball, Thad Lewis started at quarterback being called up from the practice squad last week, reminding us how much injuries can affect an NFL season.  The threat of injury in the NFL reminds me of the zombies in The Walking Dead. It is not the opponent you are worried about but every once in a while they over run your camp and totally change the plot line.

Lions 31- Browns 17

The Lions outscored the  Browns 24-0 in the second half in a huge come from behind win. The Browns chances for a comeback ended with and ill-advised shovel pass from Brandon Weeden under pressure. The pass was as confusing as why they don’t make cloaks covered in dead zombie flesh to trick the zombies in The Walking Dead.

Steelers 19- Jets 6

The Pittsburgh Steelers got just what they needed with a healthy dose of the New York Jets for their first win of the season.  The Steelers got their first two takeaways of the season intercepting Geno Smith twice. No win is easy in the NFL, but this win for the Steelers was like when a zombie is chasing you and it trips and punctures its own brain on an old yard sign for a home security system ironically pointing out our need to be a part society to feel safe.

Broncos 35- Jaguars 19

Many people expected this game to be a bigger blow out than Chris Bosh playing against the Pawnee High School Basketball Team. The Jaguars showed up to play and kept it close with a listless Broncos team. In the NFL you have to get up to play each game, there are no easy wins even if the game is 6-0 vs 0-6. Even when you think a team is dead for the season, they still can come back to life and attack you when you least expect it. Man, I wish I could come up with something topical to compare that to… Seahawks 20-Titans 13 The pesky Titans hung around with the Seahawks in Seattle but in the end Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch proved to be too big of beasts and the Seahawks pulled out the victory. The Seahawks like the Broncos were favored to win but did not show up ready to play and it was strong play from a few stars late that made the difference. Sherman and Lynch should start wearing stars on their chest like some sort of sheriff who always comes in in the nick of time to save the day. Just like the Broncos I wish I had some sort of relevant pop culture reference to make about this…

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