In a genius marketing ploy for the upcoming remake of horror film Carrie, which is a movie based on a Stephen King novel from 1974, some unsuspecting customers in a New York City coffee shop were put in quite the uncomfortable and freaky situation on what they thought was a casual stop to grab their morning dose of caffeine.

In the flick Carrie, a coy young girl is driven to discharge her telekinetic powers in a flurry of terror throughout her hometown. In the prank above, a coffee shop staged with actors is overtaken by a girl who beholds her own telekinetic powers. What transpires is hilarious, as the off-guard customers cannot believe what they are seeing and the cameras record their priceless reactions. It’s amusing to think about how you or your friends would react in the same situation. I know for a fact that I would not have fared so well and likely would have ran out of the building without paying.

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