Cardinals 13- Buccaneers 10
I did not get the chance to watch this game but I fell asleep as many times reading the summary as your dad does watching a whole game. The Buccaneers are making a case to be the worst team in the NFL. The Bucs played hard for 60 minutes trying to win this game and still managed to lose to a team that really only played three minutes of real football.

Colts 37- Jaguars 3
Sometimes the truth just writes the jokes for you. You want to know the funniest part about this game? At one point the Jaguars actually held a lead.

Seahwaks 23- Texans 20 (OT)
The Houston Texans took a 20-3 lead into halftime, a situation they are built to win by running out the clock with their punishing run attack. However, the Seahawks defense came through yet again shutting out the Texans in the second half and Richard Sherman sending the game to overtime with an interception return for a touchdown. If you are not familiar with Sherman, he is one of the best defensive players in the NFL with one of the biggest mouths in the NFL. If Sherman and Julia Roberts had a baby, that kid could fit Matt Schaub’s cue ball head in his mouth.

Titans 38- Jets 13
The surprising Tennessee Titans moves to 3-1 with a convincing win over the Jets. Alterruan Verner had two interceptions and fumble recovery to lead the Titans defense, and Jake Locker lead the Titans offense, that is until he left the game with a hip injury that sent him to the hospital. There will surely be discussion about whether or not the hit that injured Locker was clean or not, but it looked about as clean as Ricky Williams’ urine at Bonnaroo.

Redskins 24- Raiders 14
Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins finally have a win to hang their hats on, and a comeback win at that. After falling behind early 14-0, the Redskins hit their stride against an injury riddles Raiders team. RGIII still lacks complete confidence in his surgically repaired knee but is gaining trust in it each week. Regaining confidence in an injured body part is like trying to figure out what happened on nights you get blackout drunk, it starts to come back slowly and it helps if you score.

Chargers 30- Cowboys 21
Philip Rivers looks confident and poised in the the no huddle offense under new coach Mike McCoy. Manti Te’o made his debut for the Chargers after struggling with a right foot injury. Te’o right foot was causing him a lot of physical pain, but emotional pain as well when it would send him beautiful messages but never wanted to meet up in person.

Vikings 34- Steelers 27
The NFL fans across the pond were treated to quite the game between the Vikings and the Steelers. The Vikings almost managed to give away a third straight lead, but the Steelers came up just short. the Vikings were chosen to play in London because so many British fans love one of the best players in NFL on the Vikings, Blair Walsh.

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