In a nightmare season that has seen everything has gone wrong for the New York Yankees it continued to go wrong on a special night for the team’s star. Tuesday was Mariano Rivera Bobblehead Night at Yankee Stadium and fans showed up in droves to acquire this tribute to the certain Hall of Famer. Only problem is that the bobleheads didn’t show up. The bobbleheads were coming from Seattle, but there was a train issue in Chicago that slowed down the transportation of the memorabilia. The shipment was scheduled to arrive hours before the game, but the truck carrying them suffered a hydraulic problem causing them to be late.

The first 18,000 fans to enter Yankee Stadium were to receive a Mariano Rivera bobblehead, but near game time the precious collectibles were no where to be found. When the Yankees finally were forced to open the gates they handed out vouchers for the bobblehead.

The bobbleheads arrived in the third inning and it caused complete mayhem that looked straight out of a post-apocalyptic movie. Long lines, angry, frustrated people and line-cutters.

Oh and by the way the Yankees lost 7-0 to the Tampa Bay Rays, basically eliminating them from the postseason.