NBA Inside StuffI’m going to let tell you all about it, because 12-year-old me is too excited to type…

NBA Inside Stuff, the ground-breaking sports and entertainment all-access show, is coming to NBA TV with brand-new episodes featuring co-hosts Grant Hill and Kristen Ledlow set to debut Saturday, Nov. 2, at Noon ET. The series, which last aired in 2005, will combine some of the franchise’s most celebrated segments — redefined versions of “Jam Session” and “Rewind” — with in-depth interviews highlighting some of the NBA’s biggest stars and more, all packaged with a fresh new look.

The 30-minute show will be televised weekly throughout the NBA season (26 episodes), along with several special editions airing at select times during the year. The return of NBA Inside Stuff will also include brand extensions across the entire NBA Digital portfolio and social media integration across all platforms.

…but I won’t leave you hanging without this piece of advice: go to YouTuber Shiravat‘s page, and enjoy a treasure trove of ancient “Inside” videos.