Michael BeasleyJourneyman forward (and noted pothead) Michael Beasley has signed with the Miami Heat, which means the former #2 overall pick of said Miami Heat is back with his original team three years after team president/general manager/evil genius Pat Riley unloaded him in favor of a super team full of non-potheads. Beasley signed a league-minimum, non-guaranteed deal, which means there’s zero risk involved, yet has potential for at least some reward (sorry, a “high” reward joke was just too easy) if he can get his act together.

Of course, no recent history indicates he will straighten up, but it’s not as if he’s been part of situations that scream “competency!” since he left Miami. His time in Minnesota was spent in the twilight of the David Kahn Era, which was followed by a dead end gig in going-nowhere-anytime-soon Phoenix. Toss in the off-court transgressions, and Beasley was just about the most toxic player in the NBA this side of Andrew Bynum.

Conversely, in Miami, he’s surrounded by a team of experienced and winning veterans (including the best player in the world), he’s still only 24 years old, and there will be no pressure to perform to his #2 pick status. Plus, he’s back with a franchise that provides some familiarity — albeit briefly. And, Riley gets his #2 pick back after a three-year rental of Mike Miller, who Beasley was originally dumped for. Funny how that all works out.