Football’s A Young Man’s Game

You could probably figure this one out given the violent nature of the sport, but there are some astounding facts that show how much of a young man’s game football really is.  To start, the average length of an NFL career is 4.41, and that’s even a little inflated with a kicker’s average length the highest by a landslide at 7.  So, chances are, you won’t be in the league for very long.

Then there’s this:


This graph clearly sows that the peak ages for an NFL player are 23-25, and gradually decline after that.  Furthermore, Best Tickets pointed out to us that “The first significant spike in average salary correlates with the first significant drop in number of players.  Age 26 must be the cutoff point when players have either proven themselves worthy of a big boy contract, or they are deemed expendable.”  Bascially, you have little time, and few chances to make it in the NFL.

We hope you enjoyed all of this information and that it broadened your perspective what it takes to play in the NFL and to stay there.  Thanks for reading.