Adderall is a hot topic of discussion these days around the NFL, and trendy Los Angeles boutique Kitson isn’t missing out on a way to capitalize on the headlines. The shop recently rolled out a line of NFL-inspired t-shirts and sweatshirts from LA designer Brian Lichtenberg, which are emblazoned with the words “Adderall”, “Xanax” and “Vicodin”. Adding fuel to the fire, they’re stamped with large, NFL-style jersey numbers.

Naturally, the drug companies that produce said drugs aren’t happy with Kitson profiting off their product names, and are threatening lawsuits if they’re not pulled from the shelves. Many people, including celebrities, have taken to online forums and Twitter to criticize the line, which Kitson defends as “art” and a “parody of pop culture”. However, there is one celebrity who is defending the line. Normally, we’d play a game of “Guess Who?”, but really, could it be anyone else?