The Packer Bus - That deck is on top of the bus!

After my trip to Lambeau field two seasons ago with my father,  a Wisconsin native, I truly realized how seriously Green Bay fans take their football as the parking lot was a mass of the famous green and gold color scheme. Apparently come to find out, now a Packers themed car contest will be held in order to pay homage to the folks who chose to decorate their means of transportation to the game. I have a feeling this could be a hit as surely, I saw no shortage of customized: buses, ambulances and motorcycles.

According to the Gazette:

The first Green and Golden Car Show will feature Packers-themed cars, trucks, vans or other kinds of vehicles decorated in Green Bay Packers colors.

The event will be noon to 5 p.m. Sept. 14 in the Adams Street parking lot near Baylake City Center. The Best In Show prize will be two tickets to the Packers’ game against theWashington Redskins on Sept. 15 at Lambeau Field