The next time you are stoned and  walk into 7-11 to cop a snack or a slurpee, be on the lookout for Soda Shaq’s, a concoction brought to us by the evil geniuses at the AriZona Beverage Company. Just like all their other incredibly unhealthy and cheap delicious tall-canned drinks, Soda Shaq’s will only run drinkers $0.99. In a country that is waging war on obesity, it isn’t a good sign when flavored tall-canned Iced Teas cost less than a bottle of water, but that’s for another time.

Let’s just focus on these new Soda Shaq’s. There are four flavors, Vanilla, Blueberry, Orange, and Strawberry. Apparently they are part of some sweepstakes put on by AriZona. Digital Journal has the scoop:

 AriZona Beverages and Shaquille O’Neal kicked off a nationwide promotion inviting consumers to find five “Soda Shaq Golden Cans” in selected 7-Eleven stores. Between August 14th  and September 3rd, five golden cans will be hidden at five different 7-Eleven locations throughout the country over the course of the promotion.  In order to win, fans need to follow @Shaq, @drinkarizona or @7eleven for clues to find what store the five specially marked gold cans are hidden in. The Golden Cans are marked “WINNER” across the front and will feature a brand new Shaq expression.