Jamal Crawford runs a relatively tight ship at his Pro-Am — basically, if you run out on the court for any reason, security will haul your ass out. But, every so often, there is a moment that turns the showcase into a very polite man’s version of an And-1 mixtape. Friday night had one of those moments. Memphis Grizzlies guard, and former one-and-done Washington Husky, Tony Wroten, Jr. starred for Team 2 (for some reason, they abandoned team names on this night), and he did not disappoint his hometown crowd.

Near the end of a relatively pedestrian third quarter, Wroten sent the gym into a frenzy with this fakeout on a no-name Team 1 defender. Unfortunately, this camera angle doesn’t do the play much justice, as the defender actually stumbled backwards about ten feet. The next trip down the court, Wroten commanded an isolation, much to the crowd’s delight. Again, he did not disappoint.

Next up: Blake Griffin. He has a lot to live up to on Saturday.