yesIn what seems to be the most overdue marketing move in the history of sports, Mike Ditka is finally getting his own line of sausages.  The former Chicago Bears coach and hall of famer has struck a deal with Vienna Beef to launch a Ditka themed line of sausages which will of course be available this week throughout the Chicago area and in certain restaurants around the country.  The sausages are 8 inch, 1/3lb sausages and available in ‘Hot Beef Polish Sausage and Chicken Sausage with Mozzarella and Sun-Dried Tomatoes.’

Mike Ditka said today via a news release:

“These sausages embody Chicago. The tradition, the teams, the fans, the big appetites, Chicago deserves a monster sausage they can be proud of.

“Coach Ditka and his name are universally recognized and conjure up vivid images, including the ‘Saturday Night Live’ sketches featuring Ditka-worshiping Super Fans and their Polish sausage cravings,” Tom McGlade, head of business development for Vienna Beef, said in a statement. “Pairing Ditka with Vienna Beef in one delicious sausage — we couldn’t possibly fit more Chicago tradition into one product.”

You can even follow the Ditka Sausages Twitter account for all the latest info about the sausages at @DitkaSausages