Water Menu

Eating dinner in Los Angeles is not like eating dinner anywhere else. Waiters will offer you somewhere between five and eight different forms of water before getting the message that you only want the sub-human swill commonly referred to as “tap”. One restaurant is taking the concept of bottled water to the extreme, offering “LA’s Most Extensive Water Menu”, which is just about as absurd as it sounds.

Ray’s & Starck Bar, located in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, offers a 45-page, 20-item water list, complete with a water sommelier (if sommeliers were gathered onto one giant playground, there’s no way the water sommelier wouldn’t be the most bullied kid on the block, right?). Low-end bottles start at $8 (Evian, for example), and all bottles vary in size from .75L to 1L. Their #1 gimmick most expensive bottle is the cleverly-titled 9OH2O, whose $16 price tag can be attributed to the fact it’s made “in limited editions of 10,000 individually numbered glass bottles.”

Okay. Whatever.

Ray’s and Stark Bar Water Menu

[Eater, image via Gawker]