A friend of mine recently introduced me to a hilarious video called “The Camp Gyno” in which a young girl gets her period for the first time while at camp and immediately becomes the resident expert. What I didn’t expect is that it would be an ad for an actual company. When you sign up they take note of when your Aunt Flo comes to visit. Around that time each month a box of tampons, pads, and candy shows up to help you out while the Communists march through Red Square.

What? As a young man I didn’t have anything like this. Where was my monthly box with tissues, a nudie mag, and a beer?

The company is called Hello Flo and is 100% legit. It’s actually a pretty nifty idea so if you’re a parent of a young lady who is becoming a young woman, give them a look. If you aren’t, enjoy the hilarious video anyway.