cs.CountingCrowsAugustandEverythingAfter (1)In September of 1993 the Counting Crows released an album called “August and Everything After.”  A short while later it became one of my favorite CD’s for years to come.  I just learned that the title is actually the name of a song they chose not to include on the record, and the cover art is the handwritten lyrics of said song.  In picking a track from this disc it only seemed fair to go with one that didn’t receive major air play; so here is “A Murder of One.”

I also saw the Counting Crows in concert once, one of two shows I ever went to at the Orphium Theater in Boston (the other was a then largely unknown band called Rusted Root opening up for Toad the Wet Sprocket).  It was on Halloween, and lead singer Adam Duritz was wearing a giant bright pink bunny costume.

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