In case you missed it or had better things to do, Prince William and Kate Middleton had a baby boy yesterday. The happy couple named the boy after their musician, dubbing him Prince of Cambridge. This whole kerfuffle sent The United Kingdom into a frenzy. Including the people over at Aston Villa Football Club — Prince William’s favorite soccer team. The Villains  as they are apt to be called, sent William’s heir a gift yesterday in the form of a full, personalized AVFC kit.

From Aston Villa’s Official Website:

The Duke is a huge Villa fan and it is hoped that his new son will be brought up in the claret and blue tradition.

As a birthday present, Villa chiefs have sent the 8lbs 6oz baby a new kit with the appropriate letters ‘HRH’ and the number ‘1’ on the back.

Let’s hope he dribbles for Villa in the coming weeks and months ahead.

Aston Villa struggled mightily last year, so this baby could be needed sooner, rather than later.


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