Jim Allen has apparently had enough of his insane wife (well, soon-to-be-ex-wife), and, as part of his send-off, he’s letting everyone know about the delightful individual that will soon be unleashed onto the local singles scene.

Allen secretly recorded the above video over the weekend, in the midst of an epic meltdown by his wife over an apparent “broken promise” of spending Saturday at a nearby lake. According to Allen, that wasn’t the case at all:

Didn’t promise anything at all. In fact, I had worked 60 hours that week and told her all week that saturday was my day to get stuff done around the house. But as usual she threw a fit about it. She has broken doors off the jambs at our house…That was the last day I lived in our house. I have moved out and filed a restraining order against her.

In the famous words of Chris Tucker: “you one craaaaazy-ass bitch!”