Apparently, teen Andrew Hudson (17) has learned the hard way as he confused a 10-foot alligator for a tree log while swimming in the Econ River of Geneva, Florida. After kicking the alligator, the beast surely wasn’t happy and made his move. During the next moments Hudson was dragged under water where he suffered the consequences of the alligator’s jaws. Something tells me, this kid is going to pick his swim spots a little bit more carefully next time around. In the end he escaped with a meer 19 stitches.

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Authorities say a 17-year-old is recovering after being bitten on the head by an alligator at a central Florida state park.

Andrew Hudson of Winter Springs was swimming Monday with friends in the Little Big Econ State Forest when he kicked what he thought was a log in the water.

The object was actually an alligator nearly 10 feet long. It came up behind Hudson and jerked him underwater.

“He kicked and started punching the gator,” Mark O’Shea, a witness, told

Hudson says he swam as fast as he could to escape the alligator. When he got to shore, blood was running from the top of his head. Hudson wrapped his shorts around his head to stop the bleeding.

Doctors at a Seminole County hospital treated Hudson for several puncture wounds on his head.