Put your cornhole and ladder ball sets away this summer and try something new like Sepak Takraw, Thailand’s blend of soccer and volleyball.  The sport played with a net and woven plastic ball is more than anything a display of acrobatics and unreal leg strength.  The objective: score points as you would in volleyball by getting the ball to hit the ground on the other team’s side of the net.

The game, however, does not need to be as intense as seen in the video to have a good time with some bros on the beach.  The ball can also be used to kick around in a circle, or as part of a game in which goals or nets are created out of whatever can be found.  One thing for sure: you’ll be turning heads this summer with a new, high energy game everyone can join in on.

While the ball might not be sold in most sporting goods stores, it can be found online at Amazon.