Going to the Estadio Azteca is never easy, especially with World Cup Qualifying in full swing. Going there when the Mexican National Team is not playing well can get dangerous.

Costa Rica play-maker Bryan Ruiz did not just get a green lazer pointer in the eye; he got a full blown beer in the face when he tried to take a corner in the 79th minute.

Ruiz told the head referee and play stopped, giving the Mexico fans plenty of time to reload and fire more junk onto the field. Riot Police eventually held up their plastic shields to create an invisible bubble around Ruiz while he took his corner kick.

The Referee added seven minutes of stoppage time to account for the delay. Panama collected the scoreless draw, so they could not be irritated with the result. Well, maybe Ruiz was irritated when he had to clean beer out of his hair in the locker room…

(Photo Courtesy of Eduardo Verdugo/Associated Press; Video Courtesy of ESPN)