The Big Ten championship ring which partly led to the suspension of Terrele Pryor, and a few teammates, are now available if you are looking for some new finger accessories. A scandal which some say cost Ohio State University almost $8 million, cost Jim Tressel his job, possibly a National Championship and set the University back for years has now manifested itself in terms of an online auction.   Seems like things have come full circle, no?

The mistake filled description reads:

2008 bigten championship ring this ring was the reason Terrelle Pryor was suspended and ended up leaving to go to the NFL . This ring was involved in the “tattoo gate” scandal that rocked buckeye nation . This is. One of a kind ring you could buy ring from other players but this was the quarterbcks ring and it was and always will be a part of Ohio states history. ….. I reserve the rite to end this auction at any time. Thanks and happy bidding

Here are the other rings which are available for sale from eBay user finelineinkusa2010, which includes another 2008 ring from former Buckeye Devier Posey.  If you do buy these rings please do not exchange them for tattoos.

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