Today TBS announced that they have hired Keith Olbermann to co-host their MLB post-season coverage with Dennis Eckersley. Olbermann is like the Mike Sillinger of television, having worked for pretty much every network out there.

He has also found a way to seemingly piss off everyone he has ever worked with. Olbermann’s last TV gig was hosting Countdown on Current TV (real channel, I looked it up). The show was cancelled in March of 2012. Olbermann filed a lawsuit following the cancellation, Current followed that with a counter (no pun intended) lawsuit, before the sides eventually settled.

Prior to his stint on Current TV, Countdown aired on MSNBC as a nightly political broadcast. Every show would end with one of Olbermann’s classic, borderline classless rants where he picked a target and then railed on them while never taking his eyes off the camera.

Before becoming a political blowhard and general nuisance, Olbermann hosted the 11 PM Sporscenter with Dan Patrick. The dynamic duo became one of ESPN’s top pairings and helped Sportscenter really take off in the ESPN boom in the late 90’s.

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The move comes along with a shakeup of the rest of TBS’ MLB coverage. Analyst Cal Ripken will move from the studio to the booth full-time. He’ll work on TBS’ lead team with Ernie Johnson and Ron Darling, the latter of whom signed a contract extension with the network. That threesome will call the 2013 National League Championship Series, as well as an LDS and one of the two Wild Card games. The ‘B’ team will be made up of Brian Anderson and John Smoltz, a pair who will call a Division Series and a Wild Card game.