There’s been much debate in Washington over the legality of drones, but drones delivering pizza, now that’s an aerial assault to the taste buds I think we can all agree is completely justifiable. Domino’s is experimenting with having their pizza delivered via drones. Instead of rude pizza delivery guys arriving to your house late with cold pizza and hassling you for a tip, you may have your pizza transported to you via the “DomiCopter” in the future. The DomiCopter is a prototype remote-controlled octocopter that has the ability to deliver two large pizzas in about ten minutes within a four mile radius of the store. The pizza helicopter has the standard thermal insulation bag used by the Domino’s Pizza delivery drivers. No red lights, no traffic, just hot pizza to your house in a jiffy. The DomiCopter made a successful test run last month just outside of London and delivered a pair of pepperoni pizzas. It definitely appears that Domino’s is taking pizza delivery to new heights. Your move Pizza Hut.