In a page taken right out of a “Breaking Bad” screenplay, a teacher in Massachusetts has been arrested for suspicion of trafficking methamphetamine. Did I mention he’s also dying from cancer?

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Yes, just like Walter White in the hugely popular AMC show, Stephen Doran was arrested Tuesday afternoon and held on $10,000 bail. He was a tutor at the Match Charter Middle School in the suburb of Jamaica Plain in Boston. Testimony given in the case highlighted the fact that he has been battling stage III cancer for quite some time and is undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

Apparently, Doran received an odd package at school and left around 12:30 that day. Police pulled him over and opened the package. Inside they found two baggies containing approximately 480 grams of what the believed to be crystal meth. He was placed under arrest and, to make matters worse, he was also charged with violating the state’s school zone drug laws because he had the package sent to the school. Smart.

The police obtained a search warrant for Doran’s home and found a few interesting items. It was pretty typical stuff, really. A drug scale, 38 more grams of meth, $10,000 in cash, and other paraphernalia related to drug trafficking.

There has yet to be any confirmation of whether or not the substance is blue.

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