MMA fighter Quinten Wyland from Oregon loves his grandmother just like any good boy should. His grandma Grace gave him strength and support before she passed away. To pay tribute to Grace he tattooed her name in cursive on his arm so he would always remember her. While shopping around Oregon City for a tattoo artist he bumped into James Langholz, a family friend, who just so happened to be a tattoo artist. However Langholz had only gotten his license about a week before, so the novice ink artist offered a huge discount to Wyland. For a mere $40 Langholz would etch “Grace” on to Wyland’s arm. The offer was just too good to pass up, so Wyland paid him and loved the sketch of the tattoo, which he decided to get it on his forearm. Unfortunately as the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for,” and the tattoo came out backwards from one viewpoint and it’s upside down from another. Wyland had no idea of the mistake until later that night when a friend pointed out the error. “I was just completely embarrassed,” Wyland confessed.


Wyland filed a complaint with the Oregon Health Licensing Agency, which oversees tattoo artists. However Langholz said Wyland approved the sketch and the tattoo is exactly what he wanted.

The embarrassed fighter tries to wear long sleeves and hopes to fix the errant ink before his next fight, but it will cost $400 to get a cover-up tattoo and at least twice as much to remove it with a laser.

“It wouldn’t be so bad if it was something else, I guess,” Wyland says. “It’d still be really bad, but for my grandma’s name, that’s the worst.”