There are tons of great games, movies, music and random stuff happening this week. Here’s what’s on tap.

Monday May 20th:

Chicago Blackhawks vs. Detroit Red Wings:
7:30 PM EST – NBC Sports

These two Original Six rivals take their tied series to Detroit. Expect mayhem.

Youtube Comedy Week

Get ready to laugh. Youtube is spotlighting major comedy stars as well as internet sensations for their Comedy Week. There will be tons of videos, live streaming, and general all-around wackiness. Arnold is here to pump you up for the week.

Tuesday May 21st:

Boston Bruins vs. New York Rangers
7:30pm EST – NBC Sports

The Rangers are now in a 0-2 hole against the Bruins. They were down two games in their last series and they came back to win in seven. Can they do it again?

Washington Nationals vs. San Francisco Giants
10:15 PM EST

Matt Cain and Stephen Strasburg take the mound for their respective clubs.

Phil Jackson on the Daily Show
11:00pm EST – Comedy Central

The Zen Master will be on the Daily Show, presumably to talk about his new book Eleven Rings. Hopefully, Jon Stewart will be able to get something out of Jackson on whether he’s coming back to coach or not.

Daft Punk Releases Random Access Memories

We’ve been waiting for this one. Check out their first single Get Some.


Wednesday May 22nd:

Indiana Pacers vs. Miami Heat:
8:30 PM EST – TNT

The Heat will be coming off a nice break. Will Roy Hibbert be able to continue his defensive posterizing against Lebron? (GIF via Guyism)


Red Sox vs. White Sox
8:10pm EST

In the laundry series it’s Clay Buchholz versus flamethrower Chris Sale.

Thursday May 23rd:

NHL Playoffs: Three Game Fours

You should probably watch some hockey tonight. There is a possibility for two elimination games this evening. Check out our hockey blog Hip Checked for all your hockey needs.

Friday May 24th:

Fast and Furious Six

And if a week of great sports games isn’t enough, go see Fast and Furious Six! It’s got Vin Disel AND Dwayne Johnson.