Thanks to Ian Kinsler, baseball fans around the world get an early birthday present.  Jurickson Profar, the #1 rated prospect according to just about any website on the tubes we call the interweb, is making his debut this evening for the Texas Rangers. Now, before you get too excited, first try to realize he’s still just a 20-year old from the Netherlands with only the potential to be a five-tool All-Star type of player, who will platoon the middle infield in the Major Leagues for potentially 15 years to come.  Not too lofty, huh?  Profar will no doubt look young and inexperienced at times, but he is the future of baseball.  Okay, now get excited!  Until the Rangers get rid of Kinsler or Elvis Andrus (or at the very least move Kinsler to another position), this will only be a short glimpse into the future while Kinsler hits the disabled list for 15 days.  What happens when he comes back is up to the Rangers brass, but if it were up to me I know what I’d do.

Sidenote: If it were possible to get he and Didi Gregorius on a team together I would have a new favorite team.  Until then, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.


 Profar talks about his call-up