David Beckham retired today after a long and illustrious career that saw him play with Man Utd, Real Madrid, LA Galaxy, AC Milan, and PSG. He played in three World Cups and was capped by his country 115 times in which he captained them 58 times. One could say that his honor collection is nothing short of outstanding. Another aspect of Beckham’s career however, was his wonderful locks. Yes, Becks hair has gone through an evolution quite unlike any celebrity I’ve seen. From Brylcream to braids, here’s a collection of his  best (and worst) hairdos.



The childhood years saw a lot less high fashion and a lot more my mother is trying her hand at barbering style. Solid start from Becks though.



After the regular early 90’s wet curtains look, Becks kicked it up a notch to the bleached blonde boy band look. Posh had her paws on him at this stage so he must have been keeping up with the missus.



Next we have the sleek continental look. Often accessorized with an alice band and or sarong, this haircut also coincided with his Old Trafford exit. Fergie was obviously not a fan of alice bands.



Ahhhh yes. It was a natural progression to cornrows for the England captain right? Yes Becks rocked the cornrows and suddenly had an influx of RnB loving fans. I believed he called himself D-Becks during this phase if my sources are correct.

david beckhamSome normality is restored with a nice clean buzzcut for David.

david_beckham-spiky-hairThis World Cup look was dyed a bunch of colors also, and tons of product helped keep the spikes edgy as ever.

England captain David Beckham

Hmm the speed-stripe mohican mullet extraordinaire was a favorite of mine. Kids on the streets of Ireland sported this look for far too long with everyone looking like cockatoo’s gone wrong. Cheers for that Becks.



Sultry Samurai David swooned the hearts of the Japanese followers even further with this warrior hairdo. Arigatō Mr. Beckham.


The “Johnny Rotten” look brought Becks back to his London routes with this anarchist barnet.


And finally Beckham signed off with a pompadour hairstyle with the odd V for Vendetta facial hair to make it a complete set of truly outstanding hairstyles from the lad.


Thanks for the memories David. Now as you grow old, I look forward to the George Clooney, Richard Gere and Bobby Charlton.