I am going to do whatever it takes to find a live news feed of this show in Australia and watch it every day. I have never heard of any of these reporters or the show until now, but I think you will agree that it looks like the best morning show around. Not only are the folks easy on the eyes, but they are allowed to pull Anchorman type pranks on each other. Just brilliant.

According to Pedestrian.tv website:

There are two things you need to know about the entertainment humanoid known as Karl Stefanovic. 1) He is an advanced human life form sent back in time to disrupt the banality of Australian breakfast television and 2) He loves making weed references. Earlier today, Stefanovic proved both to be true when he orchestrated this Anchorman style teleprompter prank on Today Show news colleague Roz Kelly who finished a sports report on London soccer team Chelsea’s triumph at the Europa Cup in Amsterdam overnight by saying “How good are the cookies there?”.