Last night, St. Louis Cardinal rookie phenom, Shelby Miller, recorded 27 straight outs without a runner reaching base.  Perfect, right?  Not so much.  Eric Young, Jr. led off the game with a single on a 3-1 count, which seemed like nothing at the time.  Then, everyone started getting out.  According to Baseball Reference, only 18 pitchers have had a higher Game Score than Miller’s 98.  That means he had a better Game Score than several no-hitters, perfect games, 19+ K games, etc.  Essentially, without getting into the record books, Miller threw one of the best games in MLB history last night versus the Colorado Rockies, the NL’s highest scoring team.  In a real-life display of the Bad Luck Brian meme, Miller recorded 13 strikeouts to go along with his 27 consecutive outs, en route to what is possibly the most dominant 1-hitter of all time and a Cardinals win.  Better luck next time, Shelby.


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