Photo courtesy of Union City High School

Union City’s high school baseball has the same dimensions as any other diamond around, however it sits on a roof. The field is just west of the Hudson River and in a very populated part of the city, hence the need for stilts of some kind.

Prep Rally did some digging and found out a few other gems about this field.

Despite the sticker shock that comes from any $173 million high school facility, the Union City field is a sight to behold. The capital project spans 366,000 square feet in total and features both a three-acre football field that includes bleachers for 4,500 and a state of the art gym that can seat 1,800.

The Union City baseball field is built into the football field on the roof, leaving plenty of room for home runs and foul balls to do significant damage to cars parked four stories below.

Fittingly, Union City High also probably features a more robust insurance policy guarding against damage from baseballs, too. According to MaxPreps, the school’s policy includes coverage for any foul balls that do any damage to school or private property. The policy would also likely cover physical injury should any bystander be struck with a foul ball below the field, but Union City has been lucky enough to avoid such a scenario so far.

Just be careful on those foul balls along the warning track.