The Nike promotions department just can’t catch a break these days. In February, they pulled an ad campaign featuring Oscar Pistorious, which included the line “I am the bullet in the chamber”, after the Olympic sprinter and double-amputee was charged with the shooting death of his girlfriend.

For the 2013 baseball season, Nike decided to commemorate two memorable sweeps of the Boston Red Sox (1978, 2006) by the New York Yankees with a blood-stained “Boston Massacre” t-shirt. The shirt released before the Boston Marathon bombings, but in light of the tragedy, Nike has scrambled to pull them from store racks. However, they apparently keep popping up, as the above photo was snapped on Saturday at a Nike Outlet in New York by Late Show with David Letterman producer Eric Stangel.

While Nike attempts to do damage control, it’s safe to say their homage to the infamous British attack in 1770 immediately ranks up there with the Ayds weight loss bar and The Coup’s Party Music in the pantheon of unfortunately-timed releases.