Riff Raff

From G’s To Gents alumnus Riff Raff has landed a guest role in an upcoming episode of One Life To Live, and his character is a direct shot at real-life Raff impersonator, James Franco. The braided rapper will portray a Miami art dealer named…wait for it…Jamie Franko (those soap writers, they’re a clever bunch, I tell ya) on an episode set to air May 7th (set your DVRs!). The role shouldn’t be too much of a stretch for Raff thanks to some previous experience as a Miami art expert.

Why the name “Jamie Franko”, though? Riff Raff was perturbed over the real James Franco snagging all his rightful glory in Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers — Franco denied basing his character off his persona, instead crediting another rapper, Dangeruss — so this is one way he can get back at him a bit, even if it’s just daytime television.