Soccer Banner

In case you didn’t know, folks in South America take their soccer very seriously. The rabid supporters of Uruguayan soccer club Nacional are no different, and proved their devotion Thursday night with this absurdly large soccer banner that engulfed three-quarters of the 65,000-seat Estadio Centenario stadium in Montevideo.

The banner — which reads “Al bolso lo hace grande su gente”  (“The fans make Bolso a great team”) on one side, and “La Banda del Parque, La que nunca abandona” (“The group from the park, that will never abandon the club”) on the other — measures an astonishing 1,969 feet x 164 feet and took a year and a half to construct.

You can see a photo gallery of people carrying the banner to Thursday’s match against Mexican club Toluca here. Also, someone was kind enough to post up at the top of the stadium and capture the banner’s glorious unveiling.