He finally did it, guys. Deron Williams finally got past the trauma that Blake Griffin left him after obliterating his first dunk attempt earlier in the season and dunked for the first time all season. It’s been a long road to recovery since the aforementioned traumatic experience that sent the Brooklyn Nets point guard to the ground with a sprained wrist. He still sees Blake Griffin catching him in mid air and snatching the basketball out of his hands at night, and often struggles to fall asleep when a flash of red hair appears in his mind. But, Williams has fought through it all and is now ready to get his revenge.

Of course to properly get ready for such a task, he had to practice, and even though the dunk came against the Cleveland Cavaliers, it doesn’t take away that Mr. Panther Tattoo finally got past his ankle issues and started to actually look like his former all-star self and most importantly rediscovered his jumping ability. That is unless someone old, like 5000 years old, we are talking walking human fossil old, (someone like Jerry Stackhouse) dunked on the same team on the same night.

Oh wait, that did happen.

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