We’re not sure what the rules of conduct are at Utah’s Antelope Island State Park, but we can only assume some variation of “don’t mess with the bison” is somewhere on the list (if not, common sense would at least steer most people clear of them). Well, one guy didn’t get the memo, and thus found himself on the business end of a 1500-pound bison — pinned to the park’s chain link fence by the aggravated beast. The victim, who police didn’t identify or issue a citation to, somehow walked away unscathed, save for a sliver of his dignity:

“This person is very, very, very lucky that he wasn’t killed,” said assistant park manager John Sullivan.

Sullivan said the man seemed uninjured immediately after the ordeal, and “other than being a little dusty … embarrassed and shell-shocked,” he was “none the worse for wear.”

Bison attacks are rare in the park — Buffalo Run organizer Jim Skaggs said in eight years he’s never witnessed a negative encounter — which means most people are smart enough not to mess with them.