A rivalry between two girls high school basketball teams in Missouri was taken to a new (and rather disgusting) level when one member of Cassville (Mo.) High decided to pour a cup of urine into the opposing teams water cooler. monett

According to reports from the Monett Times and Missouri TV network KY3, four girls on the Cassville High team urinated into a cup and then emptied the cup into the Monett (Mo.) High team’s cooler that was used during the game. Naturally, when word got out that Monett’s drinking water had been contaminated with urine, the victims and their parents were extremely upset.

The incident occurred on February 4 before the two teams played, but Cassville officials were not made aware of the prank until March 20. Cassville Superintendent Jill LeCompte has stated that the four girls that were involved in the prank have all been punished, but she did not give specifics. As for the victims, the girl’s urine that was used in the prank is being put through a series of tests to determine whether or not their health is at risk.

Who said girls were more mature than boys at that age? This is just plain gross.

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