The always lovely Katherine Webb recently opened up to the folks at Vanity Fair in a solid Q & A in which she touched on everything from her boyfriend A.J. McCarron to her upcoming ABC show Splash. She was also kind enough to take a few pictures which are below.

Here is also an interesting portion of her Q&A where she mentions how Alabama football games are “like the Kentucky Derby of Southern football.”

VF Daily: From what I understand, Alabama football games are a big social event. Maybe that’s an understatement. What did you do with your friends to prep for the games?

Katherine Webb: Oh, gosh. As you know the South is known for its hospitality, traditions, football, pageants, and food. Football is almost like a religion here. People say their priorities are faith, family, and then football. People eat, breathe, and sleep it in the South. It’s a huge deal. We just go tailgating and a lot of people will buy barbecue and beer. They’ll play corn-hole toss and beer pong and different things like that. People will decorate their cars with window paint, and they’ll have flags representing their team as they go to the game. A lot of the girls will totally dress up in their favorite team’s colors. A girl will dress up head to toe. Girls will wear their team game-day dresses with their face tattoos. It’s like the Kentucky Derby of Southern football.


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