Rich Eisen’s suit-clad 40-yard dash is an NFL Combine tradition dating back to 2005, and because the NFL Network host is a good sport about just about everything, he poked fun at the recent deer antler spray scandal — dousing himself with a prop version of the performance enhancer in a manner only matched by meat-headed bros headed out for a night of fist pumping.


Whatever was in that can inspired a career-tying best 6.03 seconds, which we’re becoming highly suspicious of due to the fact his two best times have come in the last two combines.


But, speaking of being good sports and not taking things too seriously, Leon Sandcastle showed up for an encore appearance, and ran parallel to Eisen in corner position, proving that Neon Leon’s still got a move or two. However, a super-imposed lineman shows Eisen still has a long way to go (and a lot of performance enhancers to inject/swallow/rub into and around his body) if he wants to run with the big boys though.