It’s that time of year again. The weekend where we crown the world’s best team on the gridiron. The weekend where for one Sunday, our friends and families indulge us for a few hours and actually participate in football watching with us. For just a few hours, even if it’s for Beyonce and four million dollar TV commercials, they join us. We eat together, we drink together, we watch America’s game together. The one thing that won’t change this week is that folks won’t leave the house without their mobile devices. Therefore we want to make sure that you and your guests have the absolute perfect apps for Super Bowl Sunday.

These are the best iPhone and Android sports apps for the big game.


Call It: Football by Space Ape Games
Over the years, the drinking game has grown lots of popularity. Every time a presidential candidate starts his sentence with “look”, you drink, etc. People love to gamify their television viewing and Call It: Football makes football viewing a lot more fun…even for boring games. Call It Football allows users to basically place bets for each part of the game: Who will score first? Who will have the lead at halftime?. This is a great app for the people who are at your party, but aren’t necessarily the biggest sports fan. Great way to get them involved.

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Download Call It Football here.