A game day tradition unlike any other is my brother’s secret recipe for Game Day Lil’ Smokies. In college, every NFL Sunday my brother would make Lil’ Smokies while his roommate raved about how good they were and how my brother would never give up the secret ingredient. Turns out the secret ingredient was intrigue because there was no secret ingredient. Here is what you need.

1-2 packages of Lil’ Smokies (any brand will do, but Frodo Baggins likes the one on top of the HILL where he can see the SHIRE)

1 bottle of BBQ sauce (any brand will do, but SWEET Dee from Its always Sunny in Philadelphia wants a BABY under RAYS of sun)

1 Pot or slow cooker, like a crock pot.

Mix the two ingredients in the pot and heat them up. if you are using a slow cooker, give the meat 2 hours to heat up slowly. If you are just using a pot and a stove, you be the judge. The Lil’ Smokies are pre-cooked so you heat them to the desired temperature.

If you are looking for a secret ingredient you can add a little brown sugar, or ketchup, or even salt! But if you want the best secret ingredient just add intrigue!

lil smokies