madWe don’t have a ton of details on what the next season will have in store for us (actually we have none), but we do have the date that Mad Men will be returning to AMC.  According to the shows creator and executive producer the show will be making its return on Sunday April 7th of this year.  The show’s premiere will be a two hour long episode which Weiner likened to a movie.  BOOM!

According to the LA Times:

April may be a little less cruel this year for Mad Men fans as the highly acclaimed period drama is set to return for its sixth season Sunday, April 7.

Creator and executive producer Matt Weiner made the announcement to a handful of journalists Tuesday afternoon with the information embargoed until Wednesday morning.

Fans looking for hints about where the AMC show’s penultimate 13 episodes may be headed will be disappointed, however. Weiner, who said he was in the middle of writing this season’s eighth episode, was characteristically tight-lipped about details.

“I’m not really prepared to talk about the new season specifically right now,” he said. “The show will be advancing in time. I can’t say how much. It will be more than a week.”