Late in a Capital One Cup match between Chelsea and Swansea City, Chelsea winger Eden Hazard was shown a red card for an ugly incident involving a Swansea ball boy.

In the 79th minute of play, with the score 0-0 (Chelsea down 2-0 aggregate), Eden Hazard went to grab the ball from a ball boy that went out of play, but the ball boy refused to give it up in an attempt to waste more time. Hazard then kicked the ball boy in the ribs to get the ball from him and was immediately showered with boos from the Swansea crowd and ultimately shown a red card.

While Hazard is without a doubt in the wrong, there needs to be something done about ball boys wasting time on purpose. Either way, an ugly moment that will surely lead to a match ban, if not more than one match, and will probably end up resulting in a fine for Hazard.

UPDATE 5:55 p.m. EST:

Charlie Morgan is believed to be the ball boy that Hazard kicked in the ribs for not giving up the ball. Morgan tweeted that he was going to be the ball boy behind the goal for Wednesday night’s match, even admitting that he was there to waste time.

I doubt Fifa will do anything this, but something needs to be done about ball boys purposely wasting time.