Some noted Hooters enthusiasts will be none too pleased when they find out what is about to go down at their local Hooters restaurants. This classy establishment, which boasts 435 Hooters in 44 states and 28 foreign countries, is looking to class their places up (even more than now), and will be giving their spots a makeover soon. One of their restaurants in Houston is serving as the guinea pig, and as you can see from the below picture, the changes are pretty significant.

The new look involves “sleek and contemporary finishes” a high ceiling, painted ductwork, bright cypress wood walls and light-colored brick, the company said. There will also be new booth seating and high-back chairs “with an enhanced seat size and added padding.”

The hope, according to Hooters Chief Marketing Officer Dave Henniger, is that customers view the revamped store as “the ideal environment to kick back and relax after work, get together to watch their favorite sports team and enjoy a delicious meal with their family.”

I for one think Dave has nailed it. There is nothing I would rather do after a hard day of work, except relax with my wife at a Hooters because they have new wood walls.

via LA Times
via LA Times

[LA Times via The Big Lead]