The Oklahoma City Thunder have shot out to a league-best 20-4 record, and it appears the bandwagon is still humming along smoothly, even after the departure of James Harden. The latest to hitch a ride: Wade Boggs! Wade Boggs? The baseball Hall of Famer was spotted in the crowd at last night’s game against the San Antonio Spurs, and gave a little shimmy for the camera, much to the delight of fans (and the Internet).

So why Oklahoma City? Boggs lives in Tampa, so it would seem odd that he’d show up to a Thunder game, but after some in-depth research (okay, just Wikipedia) it appears Mr. Boggs was born in Omaha — a scant 456 miles away, according to Google Maps — so it makes some sense to latch onto a Great Plains team. That being said, Chicago isn’t much further away — not to mention a straight (albeit very boring) shot on I-80 — so who really knows? Either way, we can still enjoy Dancing Wade Boggs!

via Deadspin