In the state of Indiana, basketball is more than a sport, it’s a lifestyle. This holds especially true with fans of the Indiana Hoosiers. Take this fan, for instance. It’s not uncommon for people to put up a light display that is a tribute to their favorite team, but these Hoosiers fan took it to a whole new level.

With 14,000 total lights and a total cost of $10,000, we’d say this proves that Indiana basketball fans are the craziest of them all. The display took 8 days to build with 8 hour shifts and 16 hours to sync the lights with the music. Oh, yea, there’s music.  The radio station 107.5 FM is synced to the light show.

The most insane part about all of this isn’t the amount of time and money spent, or the ridiculous display itself. It’s the fact that this entire display is dedicated to last year’s REGULAR season victory over Kentucky.

Here is the full light show in action:

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