In one of the more odd stories that you will read about today, a valet worker thought it was a good idea to “borrow” Reggie Wayne’s Bentley and take it for a drunken joyride after work. That was until the cops pulled the thief, Gunner Belcher when he tried to stop in the middle of the road.  The cops smelled alcohol on Belcher and administered numerous sobriety tests, which were all failed.

Belcher tried the oldest excuse in the book and told the officer that he was Reggie Wayne’s “cousin by marriage,”  but for some reason the cop didn’t buy it.

Belcher was taken into custody and charged with an OWI, not wearing a seat belt, and failure to carry registration.

The next morning, Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne attempted to pick up his Bentley from the Westin Hotel when he was informed that valet staff had no idea where the Bentley was.

A garage security officer told police that he had seen a white male, about 6 feet tall wearing a valet uniform take the vehicle out of the garage late Saturday night. Hotel employees identified the suspect as 21-year-old Gunner Belcher.

Hotel employees told police Belcher was released from work shortly before the vehicle was removed from the garage. Belcher failed to clock out the night of the incident.

In good news, the Bentley was returned to Reggie Wayne unharmed on Sunday.

[WLFI – via B.S.O.]