If you’re anything like us, you shower pretty much every morning. You also like to have music playing while you do so, but sometimes find that the shower noise drowns out the music.

Tired of having to listen to your morning beats over the sound of streaming water? Annoyed that all your shower head does is spray water on you?  Your prayers have been answered, as we give you the KOHLER MOXIE:

The Kohler Moxie is a shower head with a detachable Bluetooth speaker directly in the center of it. Kohler has this to say about their miracle device:

The Moxie showerhead syncs with any Bluetooth-enabled device—smartphones and mp3 players—and streams music directly into the shower. But the fun doesn’t stop there; the speaker pod can be removed for enjoyment on the go, throughout the rest of the bathroom and beyond.

It’s true, the speaker has to be controlled via Bluetooth which means you’ll want to get that play list ready to go before you climb in, as your fingers will be far too wet to deal with electronics. When you’re done you can grab the speaker and enjoy it for another seven hours before needing to recharge it.

It will retail for $200.

via Time Techland